Terms and Conditions

My Futureworld Sdn Bhd (herein referred to as “the Company”) hereby provides the Terms and Conditions of Policies relating to Sales and Services rendered:-


The Company may amend the Terms and Conditions of Policies without the prior consent of users when the Company deems necessary and at its sole and absolute discretion.


For services rendered as per Contract issued by the Company, the services must be paid in full prior to release of Goods.


Not paying the bill will be considered a breach of Policy, as governed by the respective countries’ regulations where services are rendered.


The Company bears no responsibility or liability for the products damaged due to mishandling or misuse by our technicians while unit is undergoing repairs in our premises.


Please note that customer will receive notification of their repaired unit either by email, SMS, WhatsApp or via a phone call. The customer shall endeavour to self-collect the repaired unit at the earliest time possible. Failure to collect within 2 weeks from the date of notification will absolve the company of any responsibility such as loss or damage to the product while still stored in our premises.


In any circumstances, the Company reserves the right to claim against the customer for any loss or damages incurred in the breach of these conditions.